What this partnership means to Steelcase

The ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit social enterprise that breaks down barriers and brings people together through empowering their students with valuable digital skills and a strong network of mentors and leaders. ReDI provides their students with quality education through IT and coding courses, creative workshops, tech-talks, innovation projects as well as short term summer courses.

But ReDI is much more than just a school; they are also a community. In the Steelcase Social Innovation department, we aim to transform work, worker and workplace by connecting people + purpose, fostering a culture of innovation, and by transforming systems. These goals align with ReDI’s devotion to connecting their students with purpose in the tech world and to their efforts in transforming antiquated systems rife with discrimination against foreigners.

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Women’s empowerment

The women that lead the ReDI school are some of the most hard-working, inclusive, and enthusiastic people we've partnered with. The energy they devote to providing their students with quality education is incredibly inspiring.

Not only is the ReDI staff full of powerful women, so are the individuals they empower: the ReDI Digital Women’s Program (DWP) makes up 60% of their students, which is unheard of in the tech world!