We envision a world where thriving communities have equitable access to opportunities through quality education and healthy environments. We believe that we can use our business as a force for good to make a lasting difference and shape a shared future for all.​

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Better Futures Community

At Steelcase, our purpose is to help people do their best work by creating places that work better. We are asking ourselves, what is better?

We believe better can be a future of work that is equitable, accessible and sustainable.

We understand that the starting point for what is “good” and what is “better” isn’t the same for everyone. So, how do we make better possible in the places where we live and work throughout the world?

To advance this exploration, we created The Better Futures Community, a community of changemakers exploring bold new approaches to equity, education and the environment.

Our Community Programs

Social Innovation Goals

Moving the Needle on Impact

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Giving Guidelines

Our goal is for community partnerships to focus on impact in areas that unlock human promise and transform work, workers and workplaces. Specifically, we’re supporting the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the communities where we live and work: Reduced Inequalities, Quality Education and Climate Action.

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Better Is Possible Series
Join us as we explore bold new approaches to equity, education and the environment.
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