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Sechs Arbeitsplatz-Updates für die Renaissance des Büros

Sechs Arbeitsplatz-Updates für die Renaissance des Büros

Optimal gestaltete Arbeitsplätze für Mitarbeiter von heute sind nutzerorientiert – sie sind sorgfältig konzipiert, um zu begeistern und anzuregen, Komfort zu bieten und die vielbeschäftigten Menschen emotional zu unterstützen.

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Six tips on how to make your jobs fit for the renaissance of the office

Optimally designed workstations for today’s employees are user-oriented – carefully designed to inspire and inspire, to provide comfort, and to emotionally support busy people.

Take a moment and describe what comes to your mind when you think of a modern space. Your brain may conjure up images of delicate, elegant furniture and minimalist decor. But instead of thinking further about this space, direct your thoughts to a modern woman or a modern man. He or she has to hurry to the next meeting, just go through the agenda points, quickly answer a text message, and then have a “casual” but serious conversation with a colleague. Does your modern space support this modern man in his actions?

Optimally designed workstations for today’s employees are user-oriented – carefully designed to inspire and inspire, to provide comfort, and to emotionally support busy people. Mobile technologies have promised employees to be productive on the move. But that’s not enough. The need for collaboration, team building and concentration is just one reason why employees come back to the office. The increasing importance of the workplace leads to a renaissance of the office.

Yesterday’s jobs can not meet the needs of those returning to the office today. The new offices need to match their new looks to authentic employees – investing in beautiful work environments is only worthwhile if they are productive at the same time.

In compiling the following tips for a workstation update, the Steelcase Design Studio considered people as a whole. Emotional well-being, physical health and the ability to concentrate, focus and solve problems played a key role . Focusing on the holistic well-being of the employees, the Steelcase team has come up with six proposals to make your workplaces fit for the renaissance of the office:

1.  Ensure equal usable spaces

360 Magazine Issue 71 Office Renaissance - The New Leader

Similar to a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem in nature, offices should also have multiple spaces that promote different ways of working and are open to employees from all levels of the hierarchy. Big team meetings, small group discussions and withdrawn moments of concentration – all of these meet the needs of modern day employees.

2.  Allow different postures and a lot of exercise

Inspiring Spaces - Office Renaissance

Provide areas that allow employees to work in their preferred posture: in lounge furniture, reclined, upright or standing.

3.  Let nature inspire you

Inspiring Spaces - Office Renaissance

Do not just plant plants (which is important), but provide variety. Focus on natural materials and a wide variety of shapes, patterns and textures.

4.  Support people in their capacity

media: scape

The most welcoming and inspiring places must help people make real progress in their work. Integrate engineering solutions that promote collaboration that encourage more exercise and facilitate concentration. Help people find their favorite workplaces and provide feedback loops to help companies understand what works and what does not.

5.  Provide the necessary privacy

Inspiring Spaces - Office Renaissance

Bring the desire for openness and the need for withdrawal in a balanced relationship. Create places that support concentrated work as well as relaxing.

6.  Promote the individualization



Plan rooms that are tailor-made for employees and companies. Self-development and authenticity of people are more important than perfection.

Modernizing workplaces does not have to be intimidating or overburdening. If people’s holistic well-being remains a top priority, their jobs can play a central role in the renaissance of the office – and become places everyone likes to be.

In the current issue of the 360 ​​° magazine, “The Renaissance of the Office,” the Steelcase Global Design Team explores strategies for creating powerful, purpose-built locations.

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