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Steelcase is sharing what we’re learning about how to choose the right pod and how crucial design is to its use. Adding pods to the office isn’t like adding a table or chair. Pods require different questions on the front-end and new protocols on the back-end.

The ways people work keep changing. In recent years, many organizations have looked to the open plan as a strategy to address real estate compression, add flexibility and foster collaboration. The open plan has been a prevailing office solution for good reasons. But for certain tasks and objectives, people seek sheltered areas where they can find different forms of privacy – acoustical, visual or territorial – for heads-down focus work or small group collaboration.

Hear from Steelcase interior designer Brittany McMahon and experts on the Steelcase pod portfolio, Sara Timm and Jordan Betten as they take you through the following:

  • Key drivers of the privacy crisis
  • Positive impacts of enclosed spaces on worker stress and productivity
  • Ideal situations where pods add the greatest value
  • Details to take into consideration when designing with pods