The people providing healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic need help to stay safe. In response to this crisis, Steelcase is designing, manufacturing and delivering critical personal protection equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers as part of our commitment to the communities in which we live and work.

In this spirit we are also sharing our designs for face masks and face shields to anyone who wants to help. By giving them a head start we can help more organizations and individuals to join this effort, produce more, faster and help to protect those who are caring for others.

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Fabric Face Masks

Engineering drawings, descriptions, photos and videos of production techniques walk you through how to make fabric face masks for healthcare workers in clinical environments. See step-by-step how to measure, stitch and sew masks for those working in healthcare facilities during the pandemic.

View PDF Instructions and Cutting Patterns

Face Shield

Plastic face shields are designed for clinicians in direct contact with patients. Drawings, descriptions, photos and videos walk you through how to make face shields and where you may find the best sources of materials.

View PDF Instructions and Cutting Patterns

Please Note

It is recommended to use social distancing, face masks and gloves during assembly. The materials provided include engineering drawings, descriptions, photos and videos of production techniques for fabric masks and plastic shields Steelcase is making at the request of local hospitals. We invite you to use these materials in designing and making similar products. However, be advised that these devices have not been reviewed by or listed with FDA. The masks are not N95 rated nor are they intended to replace surgical masks and shields, and they have not been evaluated for safety or effectiveness for any medical condition. We are making these materials available as emergency responses to the shortage of personal protective equipment. Steelcase disclaims any liability for any products made by others using these designs and production techniques. Each user must make their own assessment about the suitability of the design for their particular use.