Introducing Bivi Team Bundles

Introducing Bivi Team Bundles

Available now as single style numbers, Bivi Team Bundles provide the options, not the leg work.

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Turnstone is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs maximize the impact of their dreams by creating spaces that support innovation, collaboration and dynamic office culture.


At Turnstone, we believe space matters. We believe doing great work depends on great inspiration, and that uncomfortable chairs and beige walls do little to spark the kind of innovation you’ve dreamed of.

Instead, you deserve an environment that puts your personality on display; a place that nods to the individual while elevating the team; a place where distinct parts can play together without throwing sand – or punches.

Turnstone is here to help you create that meaningful space. We want you to work somewhere that reflects who you are – not who you used to be. We’ll journey with you as you consider how to intentionally design a workplace for your small business team.

So let’s do this together.  We’re ready when you are.

Bassline Collection

Tables that multitask. Seating that moves with the needs of the enterprise. Storage that conquers mere utility with clever style. Bassline is like the people who use it. Expressive.

Campfire Lounge System

Sized for every space, Campfire lounge pieces can be configured to build an unlimited number of seating arrangements to suit any work environment.

Bassline Storage

Designed for open floor plans, Bassline Storage offers extra storage with modern style that looks great from all sides.


Research shows that small, frequent movements throughout the day can improve wellbeing. With a rounded base that rocks, wobbles and tilts, Buoy is active sitting for today’s mover and shaker.


Turnstone’s Bivi desk offers ample real estate for projects while keeping sight lines open. Available with or without power and with a range of accessories, Bivi makes it easy for your team to collaborate.

Shortcut Wood

Shortcut Wood chair combines a strong design aesthetic with the warmth of natural materials.