James Ludwig

Three Minute Video: ‘Create Spaces Like Workshops’

Are we ready for the disruptive forces of change impacting our working world by the intersection of the digital and physical? Steelcase global design director James Ludwig joined Creative Business Week in Munich to discuss the seismic changes we’ll see over the next decade.

Ludwig says people are rejecting uniformity. Instead, they are looking for inspiration, creativity and human-centered technology that makes life easier instead of more complicated. The future of work will include environments that are interactive, predictive, and growing smarter each day — enhancing people’s experience at work.

“Businesses need to grow, and the way to grow is through ideas,” says Ludwig. The problems organizations are trying to solve today need more than one mind. The workplace needs to support people looking to connect with each other, connect with information and use those connections to create ideas.

In the Creative Business Week discussion, Ludwig talks about creating spaces that are more like workshops than offices reflecting this future of work.

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