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Listen: Ways to Boost Patient Care, Safety + Satisfaction

A 360 Real Time Podcast with Michelle Ossmann, MSN, PhD

Michelle Ossmann, RN, MSN, PhD, is Steelcase’s Director of Healthcare Environments. She has spent a decade as a nurse, and then nurse practitioner in emergency nursing and neurocritical care. During this time, she saw the need for clinician input in the built healthcare environment and earned her PhD in Architecture at Georgia Tech. She sat down with 360 Real Time to discuss the changing healthcare environment.

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Patients and caregivers are coming to the doctor’s office, hospital and clinic more informed than ever. It’s not uncommon to arrive with wearable data you need your doctor or nurse to review or, at the very least, to come with questions derived from personal online research. All of this information presents the patient-physician relationship with an opportunity to improve patient care and communication allowing the patient and caregiver to feel confident, comfortable and fully informed during a medical appointment.

Michelle Ossmann, MSN, PhD, Steelcase’s Director of Healthcare Environments, recognizes the importance of a space that promotes communication between the healthcare provider, patient and caregiver. The environment can play a key role in facilitating the use of technology and allowing for productive visits.

Listen as Michelle Ossmann describes ways in which the design of the healthcare environment can support patient, caregiver and health care provider participation during a medical visit.

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For more information on how changing patient and physician needs, increased family involvement and evolving technology are sparking a re-imagining of exam rooms, read The New Exam Room Experience.


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