Making It Through a Busy Work Day

How to Thrive in a Busy Working World

How many e-mails are in your in-box? How many documents are waiting for your review? How do we thrive and avoid burn out in a working world where there’s a never-ending list of to-dos? In an effort to boost employee engagement, organizations are reimagining the workplace to create more meaningful places for people to get their jobs done.

This cultural movement is bringing people back to the office and redefining the places where we work. The workplace is becoming a more human-centered experience enriching how we feel, think and solve problems. Katie Pace, Steelcase Communications Manager and host of 360 Real Time, let 360 tag along during a typical day at work to help us understand the story behind this Office Renaissance.

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Read more about designing for the Office Renaissance in the latest issue of 360 Magazine, The Office Renaissance: A Rebirth. And Why It Matters.


Rebecca Charbauski

Senior Communications Specialist

Rebecca, an Emmy-winning journalist, reports on global research impacting the places where people work, learn and heal. Over her career, Rebecca spent 17 years covering local and national news events on television and a variety of digital platforms. She directed a digital news group in Kansas City for three years before becoming news director in Grand Rapids, Michigan for more than five years. Prior to Steelcase, Rebecca worked with one of the four largest media groups in the United States to coordinate news coverage among 48 newsrooms from the east to west coast.


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