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Listen: The Future of Work Is Creative

We are facing a time of unprecedented change at work. Businesses driving for growth are entering new markets and new sectors — seeing competition from unexpected places. At the same time, emerging technologies are going to impact the nature of work, changing the kinds of jobs people do. And, people are looking for more meaning and purpose in their work. Surveys tell us being more creative helps them feel more confident and innovative.

People need new skills and the ability to continuously learn and adapt to these conditions. To be successful in the future of work, workers need to generate new ideas, solve tough problems and think outside the box. They need to be creative.

This week, Microsoft and Steelcase announced a new partnership to help solve the workplace challenges people face now and in the future. 360 Real Time sat down with Sara Armbruster, vice president of strategy, research and new business innovation for Steelcase, to talk about creativity in the workplace and how the integration of people, place and technology can unlock people’s creative potential.

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Rebecca Charbauski

Senior Communications Specialist

Rebecca, an Emmy-winning journalist, reports on global research impacting the places where people work, learn and heal. Over her career, Rebecca spent 17 years covering local and national news events on television and a variety of digital platforms. She directed a digital news group in Kansas City for three years before becoming news director in Grand Rapids, Michigan for more than five years. Prior to Steelcase, Rebecca worked with one of the four largest media groups in the United States to coordinate news coverage among 48 newsrooms from the east to west coast.


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