A New Leadership Prototype

Listen: Empower Executives to Lead in Better Ways

Leaders everywhere are facing new competitive pressures. In response, companies around the world are seeking to be more agile, striving to innovate and looking to grow. That in turn is causing leaders to ask themselves how they need to lead differently to make those things happen.

Leaders are seeking to build connections across the organization instead of leveraging hierarchy. They are more apt to want to work hands-on to generate ideas and create new things versus directing work. In addition, leaders are increasingly asking how they can offer transparency across their organization instead of the traditional-mode of leading behind closed doors.

Sara Armbruster, vice president strategy, research and new business innovation at Steelcase, spoke at the 8th Global Peter Drucker Forum about how the work environment can support new leadership behaviors. She joined 360 Real Time to discuss her belief that the workplace itself can help leaders lead better, and, in turn, help others around them succeed.

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To read more about these concepts in 360 Magazine’s The New Leader or visit Armbruster’s Drucker Forum blog.

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