Understanding LEED® Version 4

Leading organizations recognize that when they align the social, economic and environmental impacts of business decisions with their company’s purpose and values, the outcomes can be substantial: improved business results, enhanced reputation, and optimized value proposition for all stakeholders.

Understanding LEED® Version 3

Today, sustainability permeates every aspect of a company’s strategic business plan: social investments, manufacturing processes, real estate, materials, energy use, procurement, certifications and market claims.

Sustainability Comes of Age

The larger issue is how to define sustainability. The word has transcended its original environmental roots and become part of everyday conversation. Sustainability has grown as a concept to include economic and social meaning.

Sustainability Spotlight

In our latest Corporate Sustainability Report, we’re sharing opportunities we’ve had this past year to help our customers, suppliers, employees, communities and the environment—and at the same time expand our sphere of positive influence.

Sustainability Spotlight

The new insights are delivering new generations of value, enabling smarter decisions and promising to help us solve some of our biggest economic, environmental and social challenges.