A Look Into Taiga Concept’s Lohko Phone Booth

The typical workday consists of a wide array of activities, many of which require some sort of privacy. People just need solitude sometimes, whether it be for intense focus, rejuvenation, or private meetings. However, not all office spaces accommodate for that.

For many of us, phone calls and video conferences are a regular occurrence throughout the day, and they often contain confidential information that not everyone in the office needs or wants to hear. These calls can be disruptive to the workflow of others in open and collaborative workspaces. As a result, designers have been pushing for the application of office pods. Office pods act as ‘privacy on demand’, giving users the option of withdrawing to a private space when needed throughout the day.

Design, to us, is all about simplicity and nature, about giving our best, paying attention to details, and always evolving, creating for a better future

Pekka EskelinenHead of Design at Taiga Concept

Steelcase is partnering with Taiga Concept, a Finland-based company, to introduce the Lohko Phone Booth in Asia Pacific markets. The Lohko Phone Booth is a small, enclosed zone that users can retreat to for phone calls and video conferences. Equipped with soundproof walls, an automatic ventilation system, and customizable walls and upholstery, the Lohko Phone Booth is an excellent addition to any workspace.

    • Sound-absorbing elements suppress bouncing sound waves inside the booth.
    • A ventilation system activates automatically when the user enters the booth and continuously provides fresh air.
    • Taiga Silence air ducts ensure that air flows freely, but the space remains silent.
    • A limited number of parts ensures easy transportation, assembly, and relocation.
    • Adjustable floor element enables assembly on uneven surfaces.
    • Wall panels are removable and replaceable.
    • Wall and upholstery colors are customizable.
    • Taiga products are designed with a touch of nature for improved working efficiency.

Like all of Taiga Concept’s products, The Lohko Phone Booth is designed with Scandinavian simplicity and functionality in mind. Wooden veneers give off a rustic yet refined feeling, and touches of nature are added for improved working efficiency. Nature has been proven to embody inspiration and rejuvenation, which are invaluable In the workplace. Taiga also designs with the wellbeing of the environment in mind: the Lohko Phone Booth minimizes electricity consumption and is constructed with materials that are environmentally friendly.

Taiga Concept has cultivated innovative, soundproof modules since 2015. “Design, to us, is all about simplicity and nature, about giving our best, paying attention to details, and always evolving, creating for a better future,” says Pekka Eskelinen, Head of Design at Taiga Concept. Their privacy modules aim to enhance work life, utilizing high quality materials and innovative designs to create practical yet enjoyable experiences.

by Brittany Whang, Communications Intern, Steelcase, Asia Pacific

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