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Denfair 2019: A New Take on Wellbeing at Work

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As June rolls around, architects, designers, and stylists alike prepare for the highly anticipated ‘Denfair’ in Melbourne. One of Australia’s most prominent gatherings for contemporary design, Denfair provides a platform to unveil the newest innovations and contributions to the future of design.

Steelcase is thrilled to be part of the ‘Workspace Sector’, being showcased for the first time at Denfair 2019. This year, Steelcase is introducing a range of settings with emphasis on the wellbeing of leaders and their teams, encouraging a human-centred approach to work.

Mackinac, an efficient and accommodating setting blends elegance and functionality. Mackinac’s ‘micro-zones’ enable swift transitions between various work modes throughout the day, essential in a fast-moving environment. The setting includes a height-adjustable, canti-levered work surface, along with shelving that acts as a boundary and defines space for focused work and rejuvenation. Alongside it is SILQ, Steelcase’s innovative chair designed to responsively support the movements of the human body for a comfortable and flexible experience.

In addition, Steelcase is excited to formally introduce an exclusive partnership with ‘Viccarbe’. Iconic and functional pieces from their collection, such as the Maarten stool, Last Minute stool, Ace Chair, and Burin side table will be on display at Denfair. Viccarbe’s beautiful and timeless range is the result of collaborations with designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Victor Carrasco and Jean-Marie Massaud.

In more recent years, work-related stress has been on the rise, shining a spotlight on the topic of wellbeing is critical now more than ever. As a result, welcoming space that employees want to work in, rather than one they feel they need to fit into, has become increasingly meaningful. “Wellbeing has been a buzzword in the Australian market for many years, but what does that mean? How do designers interpret that?” questions Andrew Dwyer, Sales Director of Steelcase, Victoria. “It is about giving users the choice to move about a space, but also providing welcoming, highly functional furniture that invites that movement, as well as being really beautiful. And that’s the key to the Australian market.”

Maria Bourke, Communications Director of Steelcase Asia Pacific, participated in a discussion panel on the topic of wellbeing and how workplaces are shifting to better support their workers. Bourke explained that amidst all the stressors and complications that surface in daily life, a good work environment is the factor that ultimately gets people through the day. A well-designed workspace can give people a sense of purpose and become the cornerstone for cultivating meaningful experiences.

by Brittany Whang, Communications Intern, Steelcase Asia Pacific

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