Experts: What’s Making Headlines at NeoCon

Creativity, technology and customization are just a few of the themes making headlines at NeoCon 2017, North America’s largest design exhibition for commercial interiors. Experts have been strolling through the crowded Chicago showrooms looking for what the future of workplace will look like.


Rob Kirkbride, the editor-in-chief of Workplaces and Business of Furniture magazines, described what he’s seeing as an “office revolution.” He joined 360 Real Time host Katie Pace at NeoCon 2017 to talk about the trends and themes catching his expert eye this year including why more workplaces are being designed to let people hack their own space.


Gale Moutrey, vice president of communications for Steelcase, also sat down with 360 to explain the office renaissance taking place around the world. In order to accelerate innovation, organizations are asking people to come back to the workplace. In turn, those people are seeking something radically different. They are shunning homogenous corporate offices and seeking a more human-centered, authentic and inspiring workplace.


To create a workplace designed for the new ways in which people need to work, the 2017 Steelcase showroom focused on how to enhance creative thinking and problem solving. It showcased an ecosystem of technology-enabled Creative Spaces co-created by Steelcase and Microsoft. Judges awarded Steelcase best large showroom in the IIDA/Contract Magazine Showroom and Booth Design Competition.

Steelcase CEO, Jim Keane, spoke with 360 about how creating a culture of creativity can help attract and retain talent. Keane also shared his experience as a user prototyping and experimenting to create the next-generation leadership space designed with today’s new technologies.

For information about the new solutions from Steelcase and it’s family of brands, visit Steelcase at NeoCon 2017.

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