What is Your Organization’s Innovation Quotient?

Twenty one questions you need to ask to know your organization's Innovation Quotient?

21 Key Questions You  Need To Ask

    1. Has your space been designed to help employees better understand the organization’s strategy, brand and culture?
    2. Have you identified the key behaviors employees need to adopt to propel innovation?
    3. Have you designated a specific area for your innovation projects and teams?
    4. Have you developed a global ecosystem of spaces that teams can use to promote innovation?
    5. Do you have a feedback mechanism that signals the need for modification and adaptation?
    6. Does your space intentionally promote cross-pollination of diverse people and ideas?
    7. Does your space help build trust among global teams by allowing them to connect quickly and easily?
    8. Are your collaboration spaces equipped with intuitive technology that makes it easy to display and share information with others?
    9. Does your space make it easy and comfortable for remote team members to participate fully in work sessions?
    10. Do your video conferencing configurations allow remote team members to see content in the room and on the walls, and to hear everyone in the room equally?
    11. Are there informal areas to video chat with 1-2 team mates from other locations?
    12. Do you have the right balance of spaces for concentration and spaces for creative collaboration?
    13. Do you have a range of spaces from which people can choose to work based on their preferred work style or the tasks they need to accomplish?
    14. Does your workplace offer project rooms that teams can configure for their own needs and own for the duration of the project?
    15. Are there a sufficient number of collaboration spaces for small groups of 2-3 people?
    16. Do you offer a wide range of posture options so employees can sit, stand, perch or walk throughout the day?
    17. Are you fully leveraging your vertical real estate as a vehicle for communication, both analog and digital?
    18. Can your vertical real estate adapt to the cycle of your innovation projects?
    19. Do your collaboration spaces offer a balance of acoustical privacy with visual transparency?
    20. Do your collaboration spaces minimize presence ‘disparity’ for remote participants?
    21. Do your informal areas allow employees to toggle between work, socialization or respite?

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