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Behind-the-Scenes of Silicon Valley’s Sets

Steelcase and Coalesse provided Silicon Valley with an ecosystem of spaces for the characters who would be working there.

Silicon Valley, the show about a startup technology company trying to make it big, is now in its fourth season. Some of the series’ main characters are getting the chance to try out a new workspace. It’s an important piece of this season’s storyline and set decorator Daivd Cook was determined to get it right.

After researching workplaces around the globe including in the real Silicon Valley, set decorator David Cook says, “We wanted the set to look polished and new, clean and modern. We didn’t want it to feel typical. It had to reflect the characters — strong, but also approachable.”

As David looked for the perfect fit, he came across Elective Elements from Steelcase. The modular collection with natural wood finishes seemed like it could offer the variety he needed along with a more residential look and feel. He called Steelcase designers and a mad dash began to meet the show’s fast approaching deadline for filming the new spaces.

Steelcase and Coalesse worked together to provide Silicon Valley with an ecosystem of spaces designed specifically for the characters who would be working there; Laurie, Monica and Erlich. Three people who needed personalized workplaces based on their roles and their personalities. To see how designs went from concept to camera, we invite you to scroll through the photo galleries.

Silicon Valley airs at 10pm ET on HBO. You can read more from set decorator, David Cook, on his vision for the space and how important place is for his characters in Q&A: Steelcase Partners with HBO’s Silicon Valley.

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