Inside goop’s Revamped New York Office

The lifestyle brand’s designers asked for SILQ chairs when it came time to redesign their New York space.

Gwyneth Paltrow started goop in 2008 to share her favorite things with her friends. Since then, the modern lifestyle brand has grown to become an aspirational site for millions of people seeking beauty, fashion, wellness or home advice.

Your mind, body and spirit are intertwined, according to goop. So, it’s no surprise to learn that when it came time to revamp their New York workplace, it needed to reflect their values. The New York City office houses 38 employees in approximately 2,000 square feet. And the team describes themselves as a collaborative bunch.

“We love to bounce ideas off one another,” says Megan O’Neill, senior beauty editor at goop. “Our office is a loft so the open, airy set up inspires lots of chatting and chiming in, and then we have meeting rooms and cozy nooks and couches for smaller brainstorms or for when someone wants a little privacy.”

Their redesigned space in the Flatiron district of New York is bright and airy. Team members tend to move around throughout the work day — getting work done in a variety of spaces.

“Workplace health is paramount at goop,” says O’Neill. “We’re mindful to not stay hunched over our laptops for too long. You’ll often find us on group walk breaks, chatting over a cup of matcha, or simply taking a laptop free moment to get some fresh air.”

SILQ chair in a corner

When it is time to sit and get work done, they need to be comfortable and inspired. During their design process, goop reached out to Steelcase to add SILQ chairs. SILQ is a chair that transforms seating through design. Through an innovation in materials science and a patent-pending process, Steelcase designers and engineers created a new high-performance composite material. The result is a chair that responds uniquely to each individual with only one adjustment— height. It’s designed for the nomadic way people work today.

“They’re incredibly comfy chairs and naturally respond to the body’s movements,” says O’Neill. The sculptural quality of SILQ makes it a perfect canvas for designers to express their unique vision. Designtex fabric (texture: Everywhere, color: Sweet) complements the dusty pink walls and white accents at goop, giving it a look and feel you would recommend to a friend.

It’s a place that perfectly encapsulates the work being done inside of it. To see inside goop’s new space, visit its website. Find out more information about SILQ chairs.

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