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What’s New at NeoCon 2019

Steelcase is giving teams, individuals and designers more choice and more control than ever before.

NeoCon 2019

The Steelcase family of brands and partners showcases a new way of thinking about space that gives more control to teams and individuals.

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This year, Steelcase is bringing new solutions to NeoCon that empower teams, like the Steelcase Flex Collection, announcing new alliances with Moooi and Moooi Carpets and launching Steelcase Marketplace, a new way for designers to create inspiring spaces with ease. Steelcase is celebrating its family of brands and partners—all working together to give teams, individuals and designers more choice and more control than ever before.

Designers will have access to 50+ inspiring brands in a new online tool that saves them time and makes it easy to discover, create and collaborate on projects. And new flexible product solutions empower teams to adapt their spaces on demand to support fast-paced, iterative cycles of development.

“Companies today want to innovate and grow, and one of the best ways to do this is to create spaces for agile teams to come together to be creative,” says Jim Keane, Steelcase president and CEO.


Dive into the details of all the new products being highlighted this summer.



New innovations give teams the control they need to create dynamic neighborhoods. At NeoCon, Steelcase unveiled its vision for the future of power in the workplace: Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, a new system that can bring power anywhere teams want to work. Sleek, portable and powerful, each Steelcase Flex Mobile Power unit can charge up to three devices for a full day. It’s easy to carry anywhere, and the design was inspired by handcrafted tableware, so it fits in workplaces that are upscale or casual.     

Steelcase Flex Mobile Power is a collaboration between Steelcase and Anker, the global charging experts for smart devices.

“Whether it’s a lunch meeting in the break room or a creative session on the company couch, battery-powered devices like laptops and tablets have given us the freedom to move away from our desks and work where we feel most inspired. But at some point, those devices will need to be charged, and then you’re back to your desk,” says Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations. “This is why we are excited to announce our partnership with Steelcase and bring Anker charging technology to the new Steelcase Flex Mobile Power. Now teams will be able to free themselves from the constant desk-to-meeting room cycle, and work anywhere they want.”

Steelcase designers were inspired by agile and creative teams who needed to move from activity-to-activity throughout the day. Now, new solutions like the Steelcase Flex Collection allow teams to adapt their space without disrupting the flow of their work.

“We’re demonstrating the range of choices for individuals and teams, showing the user how flexible and agile space can be,” says Cherie Johnson, Steelcase global design director. “We’re rethinking the workplace to empower people and teams to keep up with the constant ebb and flow they experience at work.”

New Partners

Gone are the days when designers had to search and specify 50 or 100 companies to complete their vision. Steelcase is once again introducing new partners to add to an already broad portfolio. The newest brands offer unique, one-of-a-kind designs that can complete a space (architects and designers can explore Steelcase Marketplace starting today).

At NeoCon, Steelcase announced a new relationship with Moooi and Moooi Carpets. The Dutch company founded in 2001 offers a unique and iconic mix of lighting, furniture and accessories. Decorated with an inspiring variety of patterns and colors, Moooi embraces any kind of space with fresh, innovative designs.

Moooi along with dozens of unique artisans add to an already robust group of partners including Blu Dot, Bolia, Extremis, FLOS, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Viccarbe and West Elm. This year, West Elm and Steelcase are showing new additions to the West Elm Work Collection which launched in the fall of 2018. The new creations are designed by West Elm and brought to life by Steelcase.

All the Ways You Work

In order to best support teams, it’s crucial to nurture the individual. People need places to focus, collaborate, socialize and rejuvenate. There’s no one solution that serves every need. Instead, Steelcase and its family of brands are sharing a variety of spaces that give people choice and control over where they get their work done. This collection of spaces and solutions comfort and inspire without compromising performance.

Steelcase Health

Steelcase Health is celebrating insights, ideas and solutions to help organizations leverage the built environment to achieve their own “quadruple aim” goals through healthcare spaces that are inviting and comforting, while also being clinically relevant. The Quadruple Aim approach focuses on enhancing patient and family experiences, improving the clinician experience, reducing costs and achieving better population health outcomes. The Steelcase Health showroom highlights a range of spaces that support the patient, family, clinician, and staff. It showcases how flexibility in healthcare environments can help organizations plan for an ever-changing future including how the exam experience is evolving through Virtual Care.

Stand-alone virtual care pods allow clinicians to conduct synchronous video visits with patients and provide remote consultation services. The pods allow clinicians to minimize distractions, standardize on-screen appearance, and focus on providing a great experience for the patient.

Steelcase Education

Leaders in education and business are seeking ways to foster continuous learning across their school, campus, or organization by creating multi-purpose, personalized environments where collaboration and learning can happen anywhere.

This year, Steelcase Education is inviting visitors to experience a range of spaces and solutions that showcase how active learning can be personalized and scaled throughout a campus. The show includes hands-on demonstrations of the new Verb Flip-Top Table which features a unique flipping mechanism and nesting capabilities.

Designed for today’s learning spaces, the new Verb Flip-Top Table offers a sturdy, safe and simple-to-rearrange group table option. It’s ideal for multipurpose, active learning spaces. It will be available fall 2019 in North America.

To further explore the new products and settings unveiled today by Steelcase, it’s family of brands and partners, visit What’s New Summer 2019.

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