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New Steelcase Products at NeoCon Drive Creativity

Creativity is what drives innovation and, ultimately, growth. But, organizations and employees report struggling to live up to their creative potential.

Since the beginning of time, the ability to be creative has defined us as human beings. Today, technology is driving major disruptions in nearly every sector of the global economy. People are changing how they need to work in order to apply creative thinking and the creative process to solve complex problems — ultimately driving innovation. Organizations are seeking ways to help harness the creativity of their teams and their people to support growth.

Despite the desire to harness creative behaviors, research tells us organizations and employees do not believe they are living up to their creative potential. Joint research released earlier this year by Steelcase and Microsoft reveals:

72%of workers believe their future success depends on their ability to be creative.

25% percent feel they can be creative in the places they have available for group work.

People ranked having a place to work without disruption as the second highest factor that could improve creativity, just behind the need for more time to think.

This year, at NeoCon, the premiere global gathering for commercial interiors, Steelcase and it’s family of brands are showcasing new insights, applications, and solutions to help bring place and technology together to fuel creativity.

Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

Together with Microsoft, Steelcase is showing the latest Creative Spaces — an immersive ecosystem that integrates a range of spaces and technologies to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.

In March, Steelcase and Microsoft launched five initial spaces to support different parts of the ebb and flow associated with the creative process. Today in Chicago, people are able to explore eight Creative Spaces designed to enhance idea generation, collaboration, making, focus or respite.



Purposeful work deserves thoughtfully designed places. Umami by Steelcase is a versatile lounge system designed to create spaces where people feel an emotional connection. Informal spaces promote social interactions, stimulate the brain and enhance creativity. Its flexible, modular design can craft settings unique to organizations and the people who work there. Multiple shapes, forms, patterns and textures promote variation over uniformity. Integrated power and sculpted design supports physical comfort. And, screens create a range of privacy — balancing the desire for openness with the human need for solitude.

Series 1


The difference between slouching in a sofa at home with a precariously perched laptop, and sitting in a chair at work that will support you physically throughout the day is ergonomics. A new seating solution, Steelcase Series 1 from Steelcase, retains ergonomics, quality and choice while making it attainable by everyone. Series 1 features ergonomic performance and quality uncommon to this class of seating. It is designed with a lightweight, slim profile and offers shell, finish and headrest options.



In response to the growing desire for more bespoke, curated pieces designed and selected to express individuality, Turnstone Bassline recognizes an opportunity for more personalized solutions. Inspired by the unique rhythms of musical basslines that hint at genre and establish tempo, Bassline tables are personalized, setting the mood and defining spaces with the unique thumbprint of their creator. Designed to showcase your custom top or a beautiful standard top, Bassline, which won Best of NeoCon 2016, offers a new kind of personalization for a new kind of office.

Workplace Advisor


The desire for innovation as a means to growth is driving people and organizations to work in new, more creative ways. But, how do organizations know if their environments are working for their people? Steelcase Workplace Advisor uses advanced sensors to detect occupancy and send precision data to the Steelcase cloud platform built on Microsoft Azure. The Workplace Advisor Dashboard applies intelligence to make meaning from the data, enabling organizations to understand how the workplace is being used and how it can be made better. It’s better data to help propel workplaces and people forward.



There’s a tension in many workplaces today. Organizations want transparent, collaborative environments. But, there are times when information just has to stay private. Large-scale monitor displays help teams work together. But, glass walled meeting rooms could display sensitive data to people passing nearby. Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex solves this problem using architectural film for glass walls that only blocks people’s ability to see what’s on a digital screen inside the room. People walking by can see faces and gestures, but can’t see content displayed on any LED or LCD screen inside.



Creative work is not only about collaboration, it’s also about focus. Individuals and teams need places to focus, work together and rejuvenate free from disruption. Supporting this range of needs in today’s open environments is challenging and installing additional enclosed spaces can be disruptive, time-consuming and difficult.

The IRYS pod is a freestanding, all-inclusive solution that makes it easy to add enclosed spaces to the open plan. Developed as a collaborative effort between Clestra Hauserman and HOK, Steelcase has exclusive rights to offer this product in North America.

In addition to the workplace, Steelcase also introduced new solutions for the healthcare and education environments at NeoCon 2017.


Recent Steelcase Health observations and insights tell us many hospital environments do not adequately support the needs of family members and are not designed to facilitate family members playing an active role in patient care. Surround is a new collection of healthcare furnishings designed to support the many roles family members play while caring for the patient. Surround includes the flexibility to serve as a sleep surface or sofa, and supports eating, working and socialization. Surround offers family members a place thoughtfully-designed for their needs to support the care of their loved one, relax comfortably and communicate effectively with clinicians.

Verb Action Table


In a large active learning environment, the visual connection between an instructor and students can be less than optimal when there are fixed monitors and columns. Active learning and engagement need both physical and virtual barriers removed, allowing students and instructors to freely engage with both analog and digital tools. The Verb® Active Media Table was designed to allow for unobstructed technology support for the classroom. With media support integrated into its structure, the Verb Active Media Table encourages collaboration and facilitates class activities in Large Active Classrooms. With a built-in monitor lift that raises and lowers as needed, Verb Active Media Table minimizes sightline obstructions and provides quick transitions between learning modes.

For more information about the even more new solutions from Steelcase and it’s family of brands, visit

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