Modular Walls + Pods

On the QT

by Orangebox

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    Connect in privacy, carry out focused work or simply think for a while, On the QT phone booths strive to strike the balance between efficient space and workable comfort.



    OnTheQT reimagines how we use traditional phone booths by maximising functionality through purposeful design, offering a more valuable foot-print without compromising real estate. From a tall to short booth, QT provides a quiet sanctuary for users toggling from collaborative to focus mode. The inclusion of a kink wall offers multifunctional use as an ideation tool (writable + tackable) and improves acoustic privacy. Through diverse functionality, OnTheQT strikes a balance between space efficiency and comfort.


  • Front privacy screen
  • Rear lean pad
  • Work shelf
  • Seating
  • Global Availability

    The product is available in the following regions:

    • Asia Pacific
    • Central America
    • South America
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • Africa
    Tall On the QT PodOpen image tooltip

    Tall Phonebooth

    • Height in mm: 2200
    • Width in mm:  1000
    • Depth in mm:  1200

    Stand… is a ‘tall’ phone booth with a simple lean pad option that creates a soft ergonomic corner to hunker into for short calls or impromptu work.

    Short Angled PhoneboothOpen image tooltip

    Short Focus Booth

    • Height in mm: 1900
    • Width in mm:  1000
    • Depth in mm:  1200

    Sit… is a ‘short’ seated focus booth, typically used for longer virtual meetings or for head down focus work. Comfortable enough to sit in for 2-3 hours, it provides a sanctuary for users looking for alternative quiet spaces.