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    Big Data.
    Better Places.

    Steelcase Workplace Advisor empowers organizations to measure the effectiveness of the workplace, and improve it based on easy-to-understand, actionable data accessible through an online dashboard.


    The Measurable Workplace

    Leading organizations know that data can help drive them forward, yet they struggle to navigate the challenges that often come with vast amounts of “big data.”

    Steelcase Workplace Advisor is a cloud-enabled system that collects and analyzes data to provide organizations with meaningful insights about how their people work, and how their workplace can help.


    How It Works

    Workplace Advisor

    Dashboard Demo

    With the Workplace Advisor dashboard–timelines, charts and tables make it easy to see when spaces are being used, when they aren’t and for how long. Organizations can track the changes over different days and different rooms. Trends and patterns emerge, unique to each company. All of it is searchable. All of it can be sorted. All of it is available from anywhere, anytime on the dashboard.


    Easily Accessible Data

    Room data is stored on the Steelcase cloud platform powered by Microsoft Azure®

    Ease of Installation

    Sensors and gateways are preassigned to a specific room and location, and include all materials needed for installation


    Scale up or scale down based on the organization’s needs

    Actionable Data

    Intuitive dashboard allows users to search by time frame, location, room amenities and attributes

    Discrete Hardware

    Small sensors and gateways are unobtrusive and blend seamlessly within a space to minimize distraction


    Leading-edge stability and protection of customer data

    Room Usage Tracking

    Passive infrared sensors detect motion and communicate occupancy to the gateway

    Remote Management of Hardware

    Device Manager dashboard monitors and maintains devices from anywhere

    Resources + Support

    Documents + Guides

    View and save brochures, certificates, reports, white papers, case studies and articles.

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