Steelcase Work Tents Collection

by Steelcase

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    Steelcase Work Tents is a collection of versatile privacy solutions – inspired by tents, designed for the workplace. From simple screens to small enclosures, Work Tents provide privacy and shelter in the office - in an unexpected and delightful way.

    Reimagined Retreats

    Designed in collaboration with a world-class tent designer, the concept of Work Tents is rooted in the human desire to seek shelter and protection from natural elements. Recreational tents provide safety and a haven of security in uncertain outdoor conditions, and now Work Tents provide people in the office with the same shelter and protection they crave.

    With tensile construction at the core of the design, Work Tents pair light and airy organic shapes with tent-like and sheer textiles to create a range of flexible and captivating privacy solutions. Steelcase Work Tents challenge conventional privacy solutions by offering a novel and compelling way for people to work.

    Dive into the Design


    Steelcase Work Tents Collection


    Boundary Tent


    Available Sizes:

    • Diameter: 1372 mm or 1676 mm

    Surface Materials:

    • Warm – Primary: Era Pink Lemonade 5ER8 / Accent: Era Scarlet 5ES0
    • Neutral – Primary: Era Comet 5ER5 / Accent: Era Night Owl 5ES7
    • Cool – Primary: Era Royal Blue 5ES6 / Accent: Era Night Owl 5ES7

    (Screens are available with these predetermined palettes. Outer fabric rim is a color match to 6059 Sterling Dark Solid. Custom Era fabric selections are available with an upcharge.)


    Available Sizes:

    • Height: 1499 mm or 1803 mm
    • Base Diameter: 406 mm
    • Pole Diameter: 25 mm

    Surface Materials:

    • Pole/Base: Steel (Available in all Steelcase standard and lux paints)
    • Connector Buttons: Plastic (6059 Sterling Dark Solid)


    Available Sizes:

    • Small – 1041 mm width, 572 mm depth, 762 mm height
    • Large – 1346 mm width, 686 mm depth, 838 mm height

    Surface Materials:

    • Fabric: Ascent
    • Top Panel: Ascent Arctic White
    • Outer Trim: Sterling Dark
    • Fiberglass Rods: Milk

    Table Tent comes ready to assemble.


    Available Sizes:

    • Base diameter: 1930 mm ​
    • Diameter: 2235 mm ​at widest point
    • Height: approximately 2337 mm​
      (Variation in heights related to tensile construction is expected.)

    Surface Materials:

    Available in 3 fabric families (Sheer, Ascent, Era) and can be can be specified in one solid color or in two color families:

    • Sheer
    • Ascent/Era
    • Sheer/Era
    • Sheer/Ascent