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    SOTO II consists of a comprehensive set of desk accessories and office organization tools for real estate optimization.

    Maximize Space

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    Worktools to Maximize Space

    Intended to complement any workspace, the SOTO II breadth of line offers employees a range of desk accessories that increase control of storage, technology and organization to enhance productivity.

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    Launch Pad Divider Screen

    Divides launch pad into two usable spaces providing boundary and privacy when it is shared. Must be used with Launch Pad.

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    Functional Screen

    Attaches to the front edge of any standard worksurface and provides workers with organization, boundaries and privacy.

    Technology Solutions

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    Launch Pad

    Available in power and non-power. Provides separation between workspaces and storage for mobile devices. The powered version provides multiple outlets on each side (one for large plugs) and a 9 foot power cord with cable management clips.

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    Monitor Bridge

    Secures and elevates monitors, tablets and laptops. Optional shelf can support three SOTO personal boxes for additional organization.

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    Laptop Shelf

    Use a laptop as a second screen. Supports rear- or side-mounted docking stations. Secures tablet or mobile phone in display or video chat angle.

    Storage Solutions

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    Mobile Caddy

    Store personal and professional items. Inline casters make it easy to pull out and push under worksurfaces.

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    Personal Pocket

    Provides storage for various sized documents and can easily be attached to a mobile caddy or functional screen.


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    Ergo Edge

    Provides support for wrists and forearms and creates a personal boundary.

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    Desk Pad

    Allows for a sense of personal boundary at shared or open benches while supporting wrists and forearms.


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    Accommodates Technologies

    Employees are using more small technologies than ever before.

    SOTO II allows spaces to anticipate, accommodate and amplify shrinking technologies so users can access and share information from anywhere.

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    Ideal for Resident + Mobile Workers

    Workers, both resident and mobile, find themselves in various workspaces throughout the day: touchdown spaces for collaboration, as well as designated and shared workspaces for headsdown work.

    To accommodate the evolving workplace and the diverse needs of employees, SOTO II worktools seamlessly integrate into new and existing settings.


    Product Range
    Global Availability

    Product Range

    Product Range

    The following list outlines products available as part of the SOTO II product range:

    • Launch Pad
    • Launch Pad Divider Screen
    • Mobile Caddy
    • Functional Screen
    • Ergo Edge
    • Desk Pad
    • Monitor Bridge
    • Laptop Shelf
    • Personal Pocket

    Global Availability

    Global Availability

    This product is available in the following regions:

    • Africa
    • Asia Pacific
    • Central America
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • North America
    • South America
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