Overhead Tent 

by Steelcase

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    Overhead Tent is a unique, sheer structure that provides an extra layer of privacy in the open plan.


    Overhead Tent provides a dynamic and airy layer of privacy to social and collaborative spaces in the open plan. Architecture-inspired, its soft and light form adds visual interest to any space while providing comfort and shielding allowing people to feel a sense of privacy while meeting or socializing in the open.

    There are many benefits of adding a Overhead Tent to the workplace:

    • Versatile: Overhead Tent is roomy enough to support lounge or small collaboration settings
    • Flexible: The lightweight Overhead Tent is easy to move and supports a resilient workplace
    • Ventilation: An open and airy design allows for air to flow inside and around the tent


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    A flexible aluminum frame and spine provides the stable framework for the wave-like shape while adding a unique visual aesthetic.

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    Built-in handles on the freestanding base makes it easy to move Overhead Tent around a floor plan, while allowing for variations in height and width.

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    A single layer of fabric, aluminum poles and two bases make it easy for two people to quickly assemble an Overhead Tent – no tools needed.

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    Plastic connection points are strategically placed to secure the frame, helping to keep the shape intact.

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    • Width: Varies 2743 mm or 3657 mm between bases
    • Depth: 2515 mm
    • Interior Height: 2184 mm or 2362 mm (depends on width)
    • Exterior Height: 2438 mm

    (Variations in dimensions related to tensile construction is expected.)

    Surface Materials:

    Available in 3 Sheer options:

    • Arctic White Sheer
    • Platinum Sheer
    • Sterling Sheer

    Poles and Frame:

    • Aluminum Poles (Silver)
    • Plastic Connectors (Platinum)