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  • Brody

    Introducing the Brody WorkLounge. Designed to be good for your body and good for your brain.

  • Leap Lounge

    Leap is a desk chair that provides a high performance, ergonomic solution for any office.

  • media:scape Lounge

    media:scape integrates technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for greater collaboration and productivity than ever before.

  • i2i Lounge Chair

    The i2i collaborative office chair was designed to foster collaboration. Users stay more engaged and can retain eye-to-eye contact and eye to information thanks to the unique i2i dual swivel mechanism.

  • Regard

    The Regard modular lounge system supports times of transition to make every moment more meaningful.

  • Exponents Benches

    Exponents Benches by Coalesse provide a simple solution when extra seating and storage is needed.

  • Tava

    Tava offers a fresh, transitional design with the warmth of wood across a broad collection of lounge seating and tables.

  • Emu Round Seating

    Smoothly following the contours of the body, the Emu Round collection by Coalesse is designed for comfort and visual appeal.

  • Campfire Lounge

    Campfire Lounge by turnstone bring style to any space with gorgeous fabric options and deep-seat comfort. Energize your team with a soft, collaborative place to land.

  • Leela

    Leela lounge seating and tables combine clean lines and the right scale to bring a sense of welcome to any waiting place.

  • Sieste

    The flexible, clean design of the Sieste collection of seating offers comfort in nearly any healthcare space.

  • Mitra

    The extensive Mitra seating collection combines strength and beauty with slim, steam-bent curves and structural steel inner frames.

  • Neighbor

    Neighbor chairs, tables and couches define an open lounge space to provide privacy and conversational places to connect with family while waiting.

  • Alight Ottomans

    With endless configuration options, Alight provides solo seating or creative grouping for any space.

  • Jenny

    Nothing says “welcome” quite like a gorgeous chair anchoring your space. Jenny by turnstone sends the unmistakable message that your guests, clients and team members deserve a space designed with their needs in mind.

  • Davos Seating

    Seamlessly combining smooth curves and strong lines, the Davos Bench and Chair by Coalesse offers functional purpose while maintaining high end design.

  • Passerelle Seating

    Clean, crisp lines and impeccable upholstery combined with a sleek wood base ensure the Passerelle Seating collection by Coalesse remains classic and relevant.

  • Lagunitas Seating

    Transitioning from private to collaborative, the Lagunitas line of office furniture by Coalesse provides endless opportunities for configuring the ideal space.

  • Evaneau Lounge

    Featuring clean, simple lines and high end, quality materials, the Evaneau Lounge by Coalesse adds refinement to contemporary and transitional office spaces.

  • Hosu

    Designed with personal space and comfort in mind, the Hosu Lounge and Sofa by Coalesse create a comfortable oasis in the midst of contemporary office environments.

  • CH25 Paddle Chair

    The handcrafted CH25 Paddle Chair by Coalesse is gracefully constructed into a familiar, comfortable design.

  • CH401 Airport Chair

    Effortlessly recalling the nostalgia of air travel during its most glamorous era, the CH401 Airport Chair by Coalesse is a luxurious seat preferred by museums and galleries.

  • Massaud Seating

    Balancing luxury and utility, the Massaud Collection by Coalesse is more than beautifully crafted seating. It’s a destination.

  • CH44 Ladderback Chair

    Sturdy, durable, and accommodating, the CH44 Ladderback Chair by Coalesse complements contemporary spaces with its strongly traditional design.

  • CH445 Wing Chair

    The notable design of the CH445 Wing Chair by Coalesse is the unexpected solution to increasing visual appeal in contemporary office environments.

  • CH53 Stool

    The simple, carefully crafted CH53 Stool by Coalesse is a contemporary classic that can stand alone or be used in a complementary application with other pieces.

  • Emu Re-trouvé Seating

    Whimsical curls reminiscent of 1950s design converge with contemporary structural elements to produce the designer line of Emu Re-Trouvé seating by Coalesse.

  • Enea Lottus Seating

    The Enea collection by Coalesse is beautifully sculpted to provide comfort and contemporary elegance suitable for a range of applications.

  • Emu Pattern Seating

    The Emu Pattern family of furniture by Coalesse features a distinct pattern design for a playful and contemporary feel.

  • Astor Chair

    The Astor Chair by Coalesse provides a sense of comfort in the traditional design and structure of this fresh take on classic lounge seating.

  • CH07 Shell Chair

    Standing firm on three legs and making use of premium materials, the CH07 Shell Chair by Coalesse is beautiful, unusual, and completely irresistible.

  • CH100 Series Sofa & Chair

    The unmatched luxury of the iconic CH100 Series Sofa & Chair by Coalesse makes this collection perfectly suited for luxurious executive and lounge areas.

  • Lox

    Contemporary. Social. Inspiring. The Lox Stool and Chair by Coalesse bring people together with easily mobile, openly inviting seating designs and materials.

  • Await Lounge

    Transform lobby, lounge, and higher education environments with the versatile, tailored style of the Await collection by Coalesse.

  • Bix Lounge

    Create unique lounge areas and collaborative spaces within office environments using the architecturally inspired line of Bix furniture by Coalesse.

  • Circa Seating

    Dramatic and eye-catching, Circa Seating by Coalesse provides practical seating within a luxurious package that instantly transforms workspaces into focal points.

  • Coupe Lounge

    Adaptable and contemporary, Coupe by Coalesse is a lounge seating solution that complements any office environment.

  • Emu Heaven Seating

    A step beyond traditional lounges, Emu Heaven seating by Coalesse is created by draping metal mesh over solid armatures for durable comfort and style.

  • SW_1 Seating

    Crafted to redefine the concept of collaborative workspaces, SW_1 office chairs and lounge seating by Coalesse are comfortable, accessible, and completely unique.

  • Bob Lounge Chair

    Perfectly complementing any workspace, the Bob Chair line by Coalesse uses premium materials and expert designs to evoke the highest sense of aesthetic appeal.

  • CH468 Oculus Chair

    The CH468 Oculus Chair by Coalesse delivers continuous comfort in an intriguing, sophisticated package.

  • Millbrae Lounge

    Drawing from the refinement of mid-century designs, the Millbrae Contract and Lifestyle Lounge by Coalesse enhance the social atmosphere of contemporary workplaces.

  • Ripple Bench

    The Ripple Bench by Coalesse is a sculptural seating solution that simultaneously complements and enhances reception spaces, lobby areas, and waiting rooms.

  • Sidewalk Lounge

    For easy mobility and uncompromising style, the Sidewalk collection by Coalesse provides the perfect solution for any lounge or office seating needs.

  • Swathmore

    With an optional attached worksurface, the Swathmore Seating collection by Coalesse is the contemporary convergence of comfort and function.

  • Switch Seating

    The Switch collection by Coalesse features high quality materials and a contemporary design for a versatile line of side, dining, and lounge seating.

  • Thoughtful Lounge

    The smooth lines of the Thoughtful collection of premium furniture by Coalesse are ideal for a variety of contemporary office environments.

  • Together Bench

    The Together Bench by Coalesse elevates upholstered bench seating and corner chairs to new levels.

  • Topo Lounge

    Ideally suited for the contemporary nomadic workplace, Topo Lounge seating by Coalesse is constructed in a geometric style that is both unique and comfortable.

  • Visalia Lounge

    A fresh approach to traditional guest and side seating, Visalia seating by Coalesse features clean lines and easy mobility for a simple solution to office seating needs.

  • Emu Ivy Seating

    Inspired by the art of topiary, the flowing Emu Ivy collection by Coalesse evokes a sense of sculptural design within each piece.

  • Enea Seating

    The Enea chair and barstool by Coalesse are ideal solutions for many hospitality, learning, café, and corporate environments.

  • Joel Lounge Chair

    Crafted to promote group interaction, the Joel Lounge Chair by Coalesse is defined by its thick base, curved back, and contemporary colors.