• Computer Support

    Discover improved working conditions with laptop and desktop computer support options for every need. Ranges include: Mobile Laptop Support, Rigid Universal, Profile CPU Support, Vertical Processor, and Mobile CPU Support.

  • Flat Screen Monitor Arms

    Our comprehensive line of Flat Screen Monitor Arms includes Plurio, a scalable system that supports up to six screens. Our line also includes Forward Arm, FSMA, Directional Slatwall Fixing and Volley, which support individual monitors.

  • Desk Lamps

    ash is a high-performance LED task light. Its wireless current allows 360° head and lower arm rotation. dash provides a unique LED and optical system that deliver a great balanced distribution of light.

  • H System

    The H. System is a wall-mounted rail system with static and movable white boards and paper boards. It allows the display and rearrangement of information easily and shows information simultaneously.

  • Mobile Elements

    Mobile Elements is a family of mobile and multi-purpose tools. They support every collaboration situation. All of the Mobile Elements offer easy and direct access to power, space for storing material, food, drink and other stationery.

  • 1+1 Organisation Tools

    1+1 Organisation Tools is a range of smart tools for efficient organisation and easy access to personal and shared information. It enables users to convert previously wasted spaces into useful storage areas.

  • 1+1 Welcome Tools

    1+1 Welcome tools are a collection of organisational and productivity tools designed to enhance the experience of mobile workers: multi-functional, optimising space, boundaries and storage.

  • Connection Units

    Steelcase connection units allow quick and easy access to data, power, and technology networks.