Financial Services: Benefits 

Steelcase Financial Services offers your organization solid options for ...  

Conserving capital

Instead of tying up your money in a capital equipment purchase or utilizing bank loans which usually require compensating balances and/or loan covenants, financing allows you to pay for your purchase in low monthly payments. You retain your cash for investing in higher return opportunities. Financing also circumvents capital budget restraints.

Protecting your lines of credit

Financing allows you to keep your credit lines open and preserve your borrowing power for other opportunities.

Managing your balance sheet

Certain options may help you to better manage the balance sheet and improve the overall financial picture including return on equity and return on assets. 

Realizing tax benefits

You may be able to deduct 100 percent of your payment as a business expense.

Maximizing purchasing power

Acquire what you want, when you need it.


Customize a program to address needs and requirements — cash flow, budget, cyclical fluctuations, and end-of-term options.