A WorkSpace Futures research project. 

Research Overview:

Beginning in the fall of 2007, Steelcase WorkSpace Futures (WSF) in collaboration with the Wood Business Unit conducted a nine month exploratory research project to better understand the work effectiveness needs of end users in the legal industry. The goal of the project was to develop new Wood products that better support the unique needs of legal professionals.

In conducting the research, WSF worked jointly with Product Marketing, Industrial Design and Engineering and employed a user-centered process of discovery and design as the cornerstone of generating insight-driven solutions. The cross-disciplinary team traveled to ten cities across seven states visiting ten legal services facilities. Legal companies visited ranged from regional firms with a few hundred employees to global corporations with over one hundred fifty thousand employees.

The team identified four user modes based on task flow strategies. In addition, the team discovered needs around collaboration, technology and storage. These insights became the building blocks for a new generation of office furniture. Findings from the research study are currently supporting the design and marketing efforts for FlexFrame and Elective Elements 6.