Environments for Cancer Care 

A WorkSpace Futures research project. 

Research Overview:

This project was a deep dive in outpatient oncology care focusing on infustion and radiation areas.

The team gathered secondary research and conducted observations at nine different oncology facilities. Observations encompassed entry and check-in areas, waiting areas, exam rooms and treatment areas, and staff areas, including med prep, charting and meeting spaces. At each location, researchers shadowed physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, and patients, as well as observing the general activity within a space. The team conducted interviews and participatory design sessions with patients, staff and family members.

Following the completion of the observations, all of the data collected from secondary and primary sources were synthesized. Three design charrettes were held to explore product concepts and space applications. The team built full-scale models of some of these concepts and invited oncologists, a pharmacist, nurses, and patients to walk through and provide feedback.