A WorkSpace Futures research project. 

Research Overview:

From the crude wood tables used for centuries by artisans and craftspeople to today’s sleek and technology-infused versions for knowledge workers, benching is a concept that’s continuing to evolve to meet a wide variety of workplace needs.

Steelcase began conducting primary and secondary research on benching, including in-depth case studies with ten clients: six in the U.S. and four in Europe. Adopting methodologies from anthropology and other social sciences, Steelcase’s Applied Research Consultants and WorkSpace Futures teams, in collaboration with architects, designers and organizations worldwide, have discovered new insights about benching products and applications.

By carefully observing workers in a broad variety of companies, Steelcase researchers identified four very different types of bench users who have distinct needs that mandate differing product applications. Moreover, in addition to work processes, the culture and brand identity of an organization are important ingredients in successful benching solutions.