Hospitality products 

A palette of concepts designed to optimize usability and effectiveness. 

Our research found work happening in many of the expected places — and some surprising ones. Based on the patterns that emerged, we developed a palette of concepts designed to optimize the usability and effectiveness of three key areas:

Public Spaces

Lobbies and lounges aren't just for waiting anymore. Mobile workers are setting up shop in the middle of the action. They want touchdown spaces with fast, wireless interent, good lighting, varying table heights and plenty of power outlets.

Collaborative Spaces

These are environments in which brains meet, think, and create. They are also great for a quick meeting prep or post meeting debrief. Private and semi-private options give guests flexibility to find the perfect spot to review the day's notes or tomorrow's to-do's.

Guest Spaces

The guest room is a refuge to relax and rejuvenate, and, increasingly, a place to get important work done. Plenty of horizontal surfaces for spreading out and piling, and regonomic, flexible furniture can make all the difference.