CEUs: Industry-Specific 

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Hospitality-Supporting Emerging Work Patterns in Hotel Spaces

The nature of work has changed in recent years. Constant connectivity and mobile technologies allow work to take place anywhere, anytime. The lines between our professional and personal lives have blurred and this has increased the importance of 3rd places. After home and office, 3rd places are anywhere you choose to get work done. Professionals and organizations are relying increasingly on 3rd places, often hotels, to keep pace with the demands of business. At Steelcase, we believe effective, welcoming 3rd places give hotels an opportunity to increase guest satisfaction and gain a competitive edge.

Legal Research

This course is a hands-on session that dives deep into the current trends in the legal sector - from private office and case rooms to client facing spaces. Topics include trends in the legal industry, workflow, technology and collaboration. The session also discusses design principles and offers several thought starters designed to stimulate brainstorming on how to rethink conventional applications.

Private Office Research

This course is a summary of our latest research findings in the Private Office. It shares new design principles and guidelines that address private office user needs. Also stimulates brainstorming on how to rethink private office applications

Understanding Wood and Wood Furniture

This is a hands-on course that explores the transformation of wood from the forest to furniture, including unique properties of wood and species of wood veneers. Includes cutting methods to achieve different patterns and lay-up techniques; Wood solids characteristics and where used; and construction methods and finishing techniques.