Steelcase Surface Materials is committed to an ongoing effort to reduce waste, while offering you surface material choices that minimize our impact on the environment. 

Redeem + Retrieve

We’ve taken the process of recycling textiles even farther. The collaboration of efforts in the manufacturing process, implemented by Designtex last year, is the first of its kind in the office furniture industry. The process utilizes a system that begins with scrap fabric originating from a Steelcase manufacturing facility.  This fabric is recycled into yarn that is then woven into new textiles – Redeem and Retrieve. Learn more about the innovative process through this video. Visit the Finish Library to view the full offering of colors available within each pattern.

Gaja - Cradle to CradleCM 

Gaja - Cradle to CradleCM is a solid, sustainable, woolen fabric that is available to order as a Price Grade 3.  It is the first European, pure-wool upholstery to gain Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC).  Under the C2C design framework, product ingredients are evaluated for their human and environmental health attributes and their potential to be safely recycled or reused.  C2C certification focuses on safe materials, materials reutilization, water conservation and quality, energy, and social responsibility. Gaja - Cradle to CradleCM fabric also complies with the Oeko-Tex label and the EU ecolabels (EU flower). Visit the Finish Library to view the full offering of colors available within Gaja - Cradle to CradleCM.

Stand In

Stand In is a PVC-free, coated seating upholstery made using 100% water-based polyurethane. The new material has been engineered for the harshest of environments -- as a result, boasts superior abrasion resistance, meets or exceeds ACT performance guidelines, and is easily maintained. Stand In is part the Steelcase Surfaces offering and will be is available to order at a Price Grade 2.  Available in seventeen colors, the offering provides a diverse range of creative choice, all while caring for the environment. Visit the Finish Library to view the full offering of colors available within Stand In.

Bo Peep

100% Wool. 100% Sustainable. 100% Feel Good.  Bo Peep, an Oeko-Tex* certified seating pattern made using 100% wool - a natural fiber and renewable resource .  Bo Peep provides a timeless aesthetic in 21 elegant color options and is available as a Price Grade 5 Steelcase Surfaces seating upholstery.  Visit the Finish Library to view the full offering of colors available within Bo Peep.
 *Oeko-Tex is a global testing and certification system that confirms products meet applicable standards for substances of high concern.


Basalt (7230) paint is the result of our ongoing efforts to reduce waste, while offering our customers surface material choices that minimize our impact on the environment. Basalt is formulated by collecting “over-spray” material (materials that are not utilized during the coating process) from Steelcase plants and combining it with resin, texturing agents and pigments. The material is then reprocessed into the finished paint product. The end result contains 85% over-spray/scrap material. In other words, we are reusing our waste to produce Basalt paint.

The Cogent™  Group

The Cogent™ Group, a collection of Steelcase textiles creating sustainable results through thoughtful design. The new Steelcase seating and panel fabrics that make up the The Cogent™ Group are certified Cradle to Cradle™ (C2C) Gold by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC).

MBDC announced that a product can only be Gold C2C certified if the fabrics it uses contain less than 100 parts per million of any heavy metal of concern, to include antimony. Today, antimony is used in the creation of most conventional polyester. It is an important thing to be aware of, because heavy metals bio-accumulate and can be toxic to humans and the environment. So, the more our industry can do to reduce or wholly eliminate heavy metal from polyester, the better off we’ll all be.

Connect, Geode Seating, Geode Vertical, and Trails ~ 4 patterns that make up The Cogent™ Group

  • Connect, a price group 2 seating upholstery fabric, reveals a refined pattern that is available in 21 solid colors.
  • Geode Seating and Geode Vertical are price group 2 textiles. The pattern is consistent across both seating and panel applications and offers a refined, geometric look. 
  • Trails, a price group 2 seating upholstery textile, offers a graceful pattern across 11 jewel toned colors.

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*”Antimony free” is defined by MBDC has having less than 100 parts per million of any heavy metal of concern.