Context by Steelcase

Context is a freestanding furniture system designed specifically to support knowledge work. 


  • Desk-like building blocks named core-units make up workstations and allow for unique floor plans
  • Seamless transition from the open plan into the private office
  • Promotes interaction and communication with just the right balance of privacy
  • Allows maximum workspace density within the floor plan, saving real estate costs
  • Core units ship fully assembled resulting in quick and easy installations

Reflect the image of the organization, support individuals' workstyles

  • Curvilinear worksurfaces create concave coves for concentrated work, while convex curves create hubs for communication - all in the same work area
  • Electric adjustable corner and straight units meet individual ergonomic needs
  • Wide variety of materials such as tackable surfaces, markerboard, and slatwall screens provide a range of aesthetic choices
  • Universal Storage enables versatility and freedom to establish your own "look" No panel creep occurs because no panels are used
  • Power, data and telecommunications utilities are both modular and moveable
  • Cable management built into every core-unit 2