Elective Elements 6 by Steelcase

Elective Elements 6 is a freestanding office system designed to address the changing workspace requirements in today’s private and open-plan environments.  

Elective Elements 6 supports the needs of the individual, without sacrificing functionality and aesthetics.

  • Built on a 6" module
  • Universally compatible with systems panels for Montage, Answer, Pathways Privacy Wall, and Privacy Wall GS
  • 16 wood finishes


Steelcase and outside experts conducted countless hours of research and user-observation to learn more about the changing work landscape within the private office. We studied how people work and identified new ways the work environment could better support the different ways they work. Those insights provided both the inspiration and foundation for Elective Elements 6, making it an industry leader in addressing the changing workspace requirements in today’s private and open plan office environments.

Options without complexity, performance without compromise

  • A broad range of materials options including laminate, wood, glass, metal paint, and fabrics guarantee the appropriate look for your space
  • Elective Elements 6 worksurfaces can be height adjusted (worksurfaces have a range of 3" in ½" increments), and come in a range of top shapes and edge profiles designed to support today's work styles
  • Open storage, and layered worksurfaces provide piling surfaces for anticipated work
  • One-high lateral files specified with cushion tops maximize space and provide an alternative seating solution. Lateral files can also be specified with wood or laminate tops

Appealing form, intuitive functionality

  • Application flexibility includes a clean, simple technology interface that allows users to customize their workspace to their individual needs
  • Mobile workers are accommodated with convenient plug-and-play capabilities. Hinged grommets disguise desktop access to power and data


Elective Elements 6 can be applied in a range of settings including private office freestanding, wall-attached private office, open plan freestanding, and open plan panel-attached.