People remember what they see. Whiteboards let you put your thoughts where others can see them.  

An unforgettable benefit.
People are 20% more likely to remember something if it's displayed on a wall. When everyone is sharing together, they're learning together. And everyone's on the same page.

Expand space to expand minds.
In a world of shrinking footprints, organizations are looking to maximize real estate. Since wall space typically offers four times the amount of space as floor space, it's smart to use your walls wisely. Whiteboards help you get the most out of every square inch.

Where great ideas gather.
Collaborating means sharing information. It means throwing ideas into the mix, or onto the wall. When people work together, innovation happens. Whiteboards use vertical space to bring people and ideas together. And since 82% of white collar workers pull up a chair and collaborate regularly, everyone needs the perfect placeto gather 'round.