Node in the News by Steelcase

Node: the reinvented classroom chair 

As recently featured on 60 Minutes and in the The New York Times, the iconic Node chair promotes student engagement and active learning in an effort to maximize student success. As part of a suite of solutions intended to turn the 21st century classroom into a flexible active learning environment, Node is designed for quick, easy transitions between learning modes, whether lecture, small group or full classroom discussion. It's award winning and designed for students and instructors alike.

When designing Node, Steelcase and IDEO used a human-centered design process. Click here to find out more on Steelcase's approach or listen to David Kelley of IDEO's approach to design thinking in the clip below.

“We had not considered how the furniture could make a difference for our faculty and students. Node has helped us change the learning experience and leverage the investment in technology we made. We need to teach kids differently and Node will help us do this.”

 – Alvaro Torres, Universidad Mariano Galvez de Guatemala