Professional Development & Training 

Learn how to maximize your active learning solutions 

New Skill Development

Keeping up with fast-emerging technology, new trends, best practices and the effective use of space in education is a daunting task. Integrating technology and pedagogical innovations into lessons that are meaningful for today’s students is critical for the success of students and educational institutions.

Add new dimension to your instruction and daily routines through inquiry, coaching and guided exploration provided by our Education Consultants.

Our services address:

  • online tools
  • onsite engagements
  • virtual coaching and team teaching
  • planning for use of space
  • webinars
  • regional events

These services help administrators and instructors implement quick, relevant and sustainable training opportunities that ensure best practices are immediately developed and integrated into instructional planning, delivery and student interactions.

A variety of offerings are recommended based on individual needs and institutional initiatives. Our blended learning approach provides flexibility for instructors to develop a personalized learning program that supports their new classroom pedagogy, technology and tools.

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