eno interactive whiteboard 

eno interactive whiteboards support both digital ink and dry erase for versatility in active learning environments. 

eno is the first and only interactive whiteboard that seamlessly blends analog and digital, markers and multimedia with the simplicity of a traditional markerboard. No cords, cables or costly installation, just simple, elegant technology. It improves interaction between students, instructors and content for enhanced learning.

eno is the greenest and lowest total cost of ownership interactive whiteboard on the market. Environmentally certified, eno offers a Forever Warranty™ on the dry-erase and interactive surface. It requires no power and no software installation on user’s computers. Simple to use, eno adapts along with the pedagogies in the classroom.

eno classic interactive whiteboard

eno classic

One whiteboard...unlimited learning potential

How it works
Go from markers to multimedia, from ink to internet on a virtually indestructible ceramicsteel surface. Project your computer screen onto eno classic and navigate through documents, presentations or websites from the board. Add notes with a regular dry-erase marker or using digital ink. In one simple click, save all your interactive notes to post, print or email. Or, reload the session in the next class period and dig in again. It’s that simple.

eno click interactive whiteboard

eno click

Interactivity in an instant

eno click makes installation even easier and offers the same features, benefits and environmental certifications as the eno classic interactive whiteboard. With magnetic-mounting hardware and no cords or cables to manage, eno click attaches instantly over an existing ceramicsteel chalkboard, whiteboard or any other steel surface. No tools required!

eno flex

Extending collaboration in the classroom

eno flex extends interactivity by adding traditional dry-erase surfaces on both sides of the interactive whiteboard, expanding the space available for classroom instruction and collaboration. eno flex provides flexibility to choose the right board for specific classroom requirements without compromising wall space, aesthetics or teaching style. With one, multi-functional board from one supplier, eno flex can be specified from the start of any classroom building project.


eno play

Classroom learning…turn it up

Captivate the attention of the range of learners, including those who learn best with auditory cues. ēno play’s unique technology fills the room with rich, even sound, with all of the features of eno classic. A built-in, fully optimized amplifier delivers premium tuned sound from any audio input, bringing multimedia content to life. And, with all components in a single compact system, ēno play ensures quick installation and a safe, uncluttered classroom.