Supply Chain 

Stronger links make our supply chain stronger. 

We work together with hundreds of suppliers to meet our sustainability and lean goals – and theirs. We partner on critical sustainability initiatives like materials assessment, worker safety, chemicals of concern avoidance and elimination, energy and material reduction and technology and process improvements. Major waste, cost and impact reductions result as we learn from each other and advance new processes and materials.

Working with our suppliers is a long term proposition requiring a great deal of collaboration and cooperation, but one that is critical to results. We rely on our supply chain partners to collect information on materials, recycled content, worker processing, and transportation.

We created a lean and green program in our manufacturing operations - aimed at eliminating waste, and expanding and further embedding sustainable practices in our own facilities as well as our supply chain.

Through our work, we aspire to generate momentum and influence change in practice standards through the partnerships we form.

Explore some of our partner success stories: