Conserve the earth, change the world. 

Environmental Value Creation

It’s a commitment to getting smarter every day and to putting your heart into it. The science of sustainability is complex and the art is imperfect, but opportunities to create positive change are limitless. We recognize that pushing ourselves to preserve and renew our shared planet is a catalyst for innovation in our business as well as our product portfolio. Our approach is holistic, research-based and measurable and our commitment is long-term.

Materials Chemistry

We want the materials used in our products and processes to preserve human and environmental health, down to the molecular level (100 parts per million).

Life Cycle Assessment

We work to minimize the environmental impact of our products during every phase of their lifecycle, from materials extraction to end-of-life and into the next.

Recycle / Reuse

We seek new ways to avoid and reduce waste through smart design and responsible practices.

Operations & Facilities

We view sustainability a fundamental business strategy.

Supply Chain

We work together to create networks of accountability and change.