Aspiration & Progress 

It's good to put a stake in the ground. 

Our Aspiration

We aspire to create enduring value for people, planet and global economies by fully leveraging all our assets, relationships and resources.

Metrics are the conscience of good intention; they are integral to our efforts. They reveal whether or not our efforts are paying off, and whether or not we’re delivering on our commitments. Like the commitment we made at the beginning of 2012 to reduce our environmental footprint by another 25% by the end of 2020.

Following the Global Reporting Initiative framework, we publish our social and environmental disclosures and performance updates in our annual Corporate Sustainability Report, so that everyone can assess how we’re doing.

Sustainability Metrics

Here's a snapshot of our progress. For more information, dive into our Corporate Sustainability Report.


Breathe easier. Global efforts have resulted in company-wide reductions in VOC emissions by 96%. Read more.


Conserve water. As a part of our effort to preserve a most precious resource, we have reduced our global water consumption by 70% since 2001. Read more.

Waste and Recycling

Reduce waste, recycle or repurpose - it is that simple. With our waste reduction and recycling initiatives, our global waste generation dropped by 22% since 2010. Read more.


Use less, create more. We have created programs and initiatives that reduce our energy consumption and move us toward renewable, cleaner energy sources. As an example and to help expand clean energy, we’ve made a renewable energy investment equivalent to 100% of our global electricity consumption - check it out here.