Arzu: The Masters Collection 

Weaving a better future for Afghan women 

Arzu, a nonprofit organization, empowers Afghan women weavers by providing rent-to-own looms and materials to craft rugs. But there is a catch – the weavers must sign a contract to take literacy classes and send their children to school until the age of 15.

The artisans receive a market rate plus a 50-percent bonus – providing the means to support and feed their families.

Steelcase's partnership with Arzu first began with the Common Threads collection designed by Steelcase's textile subsidiary, Designtex. The latest collection designed and gifted by a group of the world's most influential architects is offered by Coalesse, a Steelcase company.

The beautiful, hand-crafted rugs are made using locally harvested, naturally dyed wool – preserving a traditional art and delivering a product with both a social and environmental conscience.

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