Surface Materials 

Steelcase surface materials are designed for ease of coordination and use, abundance of choice and thoughtfulness to the environment. The offering consists of a wide array of textiles, paints, laminates, woods, metals, plastics, and other finishes.   

What's New

To help you find inspiration in a smart and easy way, our surface materials offering is divided into 3 distinct portfolios:

The structure is organized into an availability framework that is simple to understand and includes new offerings as well.

Smart, simple and hard working.

Steelcase finishes share a common color logic that allows for ease of coordination and use. Three simple ideas help to create a materials palette that works. By looking at color or hue, value from light to dark and range that a finish has to cross-over color families, our hard surfaces collection creates a common color sense that is shared across material types.

As color theory goes, the closer a color gets to neutral, the greater its ability to cross-over multiple color families.  Add metallic finishes to the offering and you’ve got neutral colors that work in any space.

While “colors” come and go, neutral greys and beiges provide foundation colors that can stand the test of time.  Our paints are neutral by design and expressly created to coordinate with all of our textiles. Wherever you find inspiration, our hard surfaces collection has a choice for you. 

It all works together…and we meant for that to happen.

The neutrality of the collection makes it easy to coordinate paint with Steelcase Textiles and other finishes - we’ve taken the guess work out of trying to coordinate material types. Laminate colors and patterns are created from paint colors, simply choose a color and let the palette do the work.  Choose any textile, wall covering, carpeting or other architectural element for a space and our hard surfaces collection will coordinate with them.

At the end of the day, it’s about you.

At first glance, the hard surfaces palette may appear to be a group of simple beiges and grays. It is. Our palette of crisp, clear neutrals was intended to help the design professional’s creativity by facilitating, not inhibiting, design freedom.  A wide range of textiles offer the ability to make a statement and add energy within a space. Our custom finish programs help feed your creativity. Beauty and function finally cross paths to give what you want - and need.  There are limitless possibilities.