Recycle / Reuse 

You own our products. We own their impact. 

It’s easier to avoid environmental problems at the beginning than to fix them later. Good design and choosing the right materials can ensure a product will be desirable and have a long life. It also can ensure the product can be recycled at the end of its useful life. 

Design for End of Use

Products designed for easy disassembly allows components to be separated easily and quickly for replacement or recycling.

Read about one example: our Think chair.

Responsible End of Use

Steelcase helps businesses with end-of-use furniture strategies. With options ranging from refurbishing and resale, to charitable considerations or recycling, we’ve helped extend the useful life of thousands of furniture products and millions of tons of raw materials, dramatically reducing the amount of product waste dumped into landfills.

Read more about our Phase 2 Program.