Global Challenges. Global Partner

Global Challenges. Global Partner.

Steelcase is proud to be a supplier and strategic partner with a great many federal, state and local governments.

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We are committed to providing you dedicated resources, unique solutions, global access and unrivaled experience as we work to help you achieve your goals.

You’re being asked to do more with less: reduce your real estate, and create spaces that perform better. Today’s workplace needs to do more. It needs to work harder by working smarter. Our broad range of products and services can help you create efficient work environments that are more flexible and multipurpose.

Government Programs

U.S. Federal Government
U.S. State + Local Government
Canadian Federal Government

U.S. Federal Government

U.S. Federal Government


Standard Delivery

Full Product Portfolio,
GSA Contract GS-27F-0014V.
Find an Authorized GSA Dealer.*
*Look for dealers with a “GSA” designation.

Buy Online

Seating, Storage, Accessories – 15 Day Delivery

  • Visit the GSA Advantage online store and search “buysteelcase” or “GS-27F-0014V”
  • Visit the DOD EMALL store and search “buysteelcase” … or select “Furniture Corridor,” then select supplier “Steelcase”
  • Navy and Marine Customers, Contract Reference: Navy BPA N00189-11-A-0070
  • For Other Department of Defense Customers, Contract Reference: GSA Contract GS-27F-0014V

Open Market Purchases

  • Standard Delivery – Full Product Portfolio.
    Find an Authorized GSA Dealer.*
    *Look for dealers with a “GSA” designation.
  • Online Buying – Popular Products, 24 hour-3 week delivery. A limited offering of Steelcase products is available as “open market” purchases. Select Leap and Think chairs ship within 24 hours. Visit our online store.

U.S. State + Local Government

U.S. State + Local Government

Steelcase understands state and local government regulations

National Joint Powers Alliance Partnership

A partnership between Steelcase and the National Joint Powers Alliance, BetterTogether™ is designed to provide office furniture solutions at competitively bid pricing to local government entities including cities, counties, municipalities, districts, and special districts.

This program also includes vocational schools, K-12 educational facilities, and non-profits (excluding hospitals, healthcare systems, and healthcare related entities).

This program seeks to assist public agencies in reducing the cost of purchased goods by providing a competitively priced portfolio of products without the hidden costs and complexity found in other purchasing programs. Register to participate in the NJPA program.

Canadian Federal Government

Canadian Federal Government

National Coverage Authorized Dealer List

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Contract Numbers

Interconnecting Panels E60PQ-080005/006/PQ
Standing Offer

Office Seating E60PQ-120001/014/PQ
Supply Arrangement

Freestanding Furniture E60PQ-090004/022/PQ
Supply Arrangement


Deadline Approaching. Active Learning Center Grant by Steelcase Education.

Calling all educators. Steelcase Education seeks partners in active learning who are ready to use their physical classroom space to advance learning in new and important ways.

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Corporate Sustainability Report 2015

For more than a century, Steelcase has believed in the power of people. Every day, in locations around the globe, we work to unlock human promise and create meaningful, lasting change.

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Brody Listed in Top Ten of 2015

Along with Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Lumina 950 XL, Brody has been recoognized as one of the Top 10 business products of 2015. The author writes, “Hello serious productivity, right? This new take on the cubicle insulates you from all distractions.”

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Jim Keane and John Fikany Join the Stage with Forbes to Discuss How We Work

Steelcase CEO, Jim Keane, and John Fikany, Microsoft vice president join the stage with Forbes to discuss how we work, productivity and employee disengagement. Mr. Fikany said it best, “Space really does matter. Places Matter.”

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IIDEXCanada Innovation Awards

We’re honored to announce Brody and Thread as receipients of the 2015 IIDEXCanada Innovation Award. A place to find inspiration, IIDEXCanada is Canada’s largest National Design + Architecture Exposition & Conference presented by IDC, Interior Designers of Canada and RAIC, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

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Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Awards Recognize Steelcase

Steelcase products and spaces were recognized as “Best of Year” by Interior Design magazine at their annual awards. Brody WorkLounge and the Grand Rapids Business Center, designed with Shimoda Design Group, were winners in their categories, while Thread and the Grand Rapids Business Center were honorees.

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Steelcase WorkLife Center Toronto Wins an International Green Interior Award

Steelcase’s WorkLife Center in Toronto, Canada was honored as a green project in the International Green Interior Awards. The awards recognize the benefits and beauty of integrating sustainable products in interior design.

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How to Fight Learned Helplessness at Work

For some organizations, learned helplessness means having a passive workforce that will do what they are told but are convinced that there are no opportunities, solutions, options or possibilities. A lot of people are not lazy, but instead feel somewhat helpless. This leads to a lack of employee engagement. It does not have to be this way. The work environment can help.

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Could Having a Best Friend at Work Help Increase Productivity?

Gallup’s recent research suggests that having a best friend at work can help you become more engaged and create a more productive workplace.

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Steelcase CEO, Jim Keane, Discusses Meaningful Work

According to a Gallup report, 87% of global workers are disengaged. This is enough for not just new, but all, CEOs to be concerned. Steelcase CEO, Jim Keane, addresses this topic through the lens of meaningful work, pointing to three different types of “meaning” leaders should embrace to move the needle in a positive direction.

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Susan Cain Quiet Spaces: An Option for Introverts

The Financial Times recently reported that open spaces tend to be more fitting for extraverts, leaving introverts longing for more. As a solution, the article pointed to Susan Cain Quiet Spaces by Steelcace as an option for oganizations looking to meet the needs of introverts these open spaces.

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[Video] Grant Helps North Canton Implement Active Learning

North Canton City Schools saw an opportunity to transform the learning opportunities for their students with a grant from the State of Ohio. Working with Steelcase Education, the district has implemented active learning environments throughout their schools on their quest to make learning more engaging for students and, ultimately, to improve student success.

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Corporate Sustainability Information

Product Life Cycle
Recycling + Reuse
Materials Chemistry



Designing for Sustainability

We believe the only way to provide the best office furniture solutions is to ensure they’re the best products for the environment. That’s why every step of the way – through design, manufacturing, delivery and product lifecycle – we consider the impact of our work on people and on the environment and uncover opportunities to make things better.

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Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle

Turning Insights into Action

We concentrate our efforts on understanding the life cycle impacts of our products – from materials extraction, production, transport, use and reuse, through the end of life. These efforts continue to yield deep insights that influence every facet of our operation.

We contribute to the growing body of research around social impact life cycle assessments. We also bridge research with practical realities, creating actionable practices and standards.

Recycling + Reuse

Recycling + Reuse

Closing the Loop

Good design and choosing the right materials can ensure a product will be desirable and have a long life. It also can ensure the product can be recycled. Our products are designed for easy disassembly, allowing pieces to be separated easily and quickly for replacement or recycling.

Our products are built to last; sometimes they outlast customer needs. Therefore, we offer multiple programs to extend a product’s lifespan through reuse and recycling, refurbishing and donating. These end of use services keep furniture out of landfills, provide non-profit organizations with needed resources and help customers meet their sustainability goals.

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Materials Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

Knowing. Acting. Solving.

We take a comprehensive approach to understanding what goes into our products – we’re both precautionary and proactive.

Unmatched in our industry, our materials chemistry practice assesses materials to understand their potential impacts on human and environmental health. To date, we have assessed over 1,500 materials. We are actively working with our supply chain to eliminate and phase out materials of concern – and to develop suitable alternatives where they may not yet exist.

Quality + Manufacturing

Everywhere You Are

Whether your mission is based here, there or almost anywhere, Steelcase is right behind you. As a global company with advanced logistics capabilities, we can serve customers who, like you, have multiple and even remote locations. Wherever in the world you are, you’ll find Steelcase dealers and representatives able to satisfy your workplace needs, as well as local laws and customs.

At Your Service

More than 200 Steelcase dealers are vetted and trained to serve the government. We’re proud of our dealer network—the industry’s largest and most experienced. Dealers offer design services, quality project management and installation, warehousing, and asset management. Each is a problem solver ready to handle everything from your day-to-day needs to large-scale projects, from start to finish. Steelcase dealers receive ongoing training, keeping them in the know about evolving workplace insights, technologies and solutions—and how you can put them to work.

Painless Procurement

We can simplify your purchase process. Working closely with dealers in your marketplace, we are where you are. With manufacturing facilities around the world, Steelcase has the greatest capacity in the industry to deliver orders of any size on time.

Quality + Choice

Your workspace must perform all day, every day. Steelcase products are designed to withstand—and improve upon—even the most taxing work requirements. Our products are grounded in extensive research on the ways people really work. They’re backed by the Steelcase Limited Lifetime Warranty and a documented record of low warranty claim costs.


Resilient Real Estate

When you bring people together with a shared purpose in a place that supports their physical, cognitive and emotional needs — you can actually fuel engagement and improve organizational performance.

Space as an Adaptive System

Amongst the whirlwind of volatility that seems to spin from one crisis to the next, business leaders are looking for new skills and strategies that will help their organizations thrive in the new global economy. At the same time, in this era of unprecedented complexity, the study of resilience has emerged in which scientists, economists, government leaders and psychologists are working to understand how systems, organizations and people can adapt to stay fit within an environment of constant change.


Wellbeing: A Bottom Line Issue

When IBM asked CEOs around the world to identify the most important leadership traits needed today, their answer was resounding: collaborative, communicative, creative and flexible. CEOs are seeking “employees with the ability to constantly reinvent themselves. These employees are comfortable with change; they learn as they go, often from others’ experiences,” notes the study. Driving the need for these skills is the complexity of problems that organizations face today, and the demand for innovation that is no longer the turf of elite, top brands. Innovation is critical to drive bottom line results.

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